Carosa Stanton Asset Management, LLC was the first regional investment adviser to employ techniques derived from behavioral economics. Yet, we have long admired the personal attention offered by traditional bank trust officers. By combining these two elements, we’ve been able to keep our clients on the leading edge while, at the same time, develop an intimate bond with them. Indeed, after a few years of service, we no longer refer to them as “clients,” we call them “our friends.”

Our purpose is to help prestigious companies, organizations, and individuals achieve their Lifetime Dreams and reduce their personal fiduciary liability. Because of the market’s volatile unpredictability, investment decisions concern most people. We help them answer two types of questions: First, we bring them closer to their desires by helping them discover what is most important to them. Second, we lead them away from tricks, traps, and troubles by helping them avoid the Seven Deadly Sins of Professional Money Managers. We’ve created a personalized process that helps individuals and organizations think about – and answer – these questions in ways they have never before considered.

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