With more than thirty years veteran experience in investing, we’ve seen an industry transform itself from personalized hand-holding to selling commoditized hi-tech products. Financial service providers have moved away from focusing on the unique one-of-a-kind goals of each individual client to pushing a boilerplate formula all in the name of “optimization.” Investors no longer chase their dreams, they chase the market.

The industry has become more concerned with investment returns at the expense of ignoring clients’ desires to achieve their real lifetime goals. To combat this and set us apart from others, we’ve developed:

The Carosa Stanton Creed

  • We believe the industry has become consumed by a failed academic theory.
  • We believe clients have suffered from the industry’s obsession with this theory.
  • We believe this is wrong and unethical.
  • We also believe conflicts-of-interest within the industry add to the momentum of the unfortunate shift we’ve experienced.
  • We believe in the courage to speak out against this injustice (as well as the wisdom to avoid mindless activism).
  • We believe all people must be allowed to discover the alternative to this failed academic theory.
  • We believe all people can successfully achieve their Lifetime Dream.
  • We believe personal fiduciary liability can and should be reduced. We believe this can only be accomplished through intellectual and professional honesty.

The practical result of the Carosa Stanton Creed means all clients should have a team of advisers; thus, eliminating most conflicts-of-interest and, at the very least, providing an unbiased second opinion when inevitable tough decisions must be made. This also means members of the team of advisers must be truly independent, including the disclosure of all fees. Clients are best served when offered an open up-front environment. Our Creed represents the first step to reversing the awful industry trend of the last generation.

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